Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Michael Moore Decodes Michigan, Offers Best Explanation For Santorum Fury

President Obama's not a "SERIAL KILLER" ... They meant to say he "LIKES CEREAL." Rick Santorum was a well-kept Pennsylvania secret (well, except for comparing homosexuality to "man on dog" sex) who lost his senatorial election by 18 points; only to double down and re-emerge as a national candidate. You can't keep a good dog down.

Michael Moore misspoke, too. He said "Tim Tebow" but meant to say, Tim Thomas. Two 'Tims', two 'Ts', no biggie. When liberals 'misspeak' it's immediately understandable!

Andrea Mitchell, wingnut Mother Confessor. — Santorum aide Alice (in Wonderland) Stewart, pretended she didn't say this on the forum that has lately become a wingnut confessional, the Andrea Mitchell Show. What is it about Andrea's sweetness that compels wingnuts not to unburden themselves of their loathsome, despicable ideology, but to try and explain it: "If only Andrea would understand (she treats us like regular, decent humans instead of the monsters we truly are) ... if only Andrea could understand, all will be swell with the world"?

Hmm ... "radical environmentalist" v. "RADICAL ISLAMIST" policies: (weighing, weighing.) A few minutes later, Stewart calls Andrea to claim she "misspoke" and Andrea, sweetness personified, believes her. Well, she ran it by Chris Cillizza who is an off-the-charts boy scout and always seems to be around when Andrea needs to restore her faith in humanity.

For those of us on the cynics "YEAH, RIGHT" camp, convinced of the fundamental EVILNESS of Republicans — specifically wingnuts, bolstered by several academic studies that prove their fearful, callow meanness (although someone should commission a study on why they are such FACILE LIARS) — we are not convinced by Stewart's lies, especially coming on the heels of Rick Santorum's Obama to Hitler comparison:

PS — Latest Beltway Media descriptor of Rick Santorum's incendiary rhetoric: He's gone "WHITE HOT". Where do they come up with these terms, and is "white" a term of art in this context? Could a black candidate ever go "white hot"? Hmm ...

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