Friday, February 24, 2012

Lawrence To Paulies & Paulines: GIMME AN F-A-K-E! What's That Spell? RON PAUL, Ron Paul ...

As a Hollywood Liberal, Lawrence knows from REAL and FAKE Libertarians. The REAL ones are creative types, "libertines" as Rick Santorum calls them, who tend to flock to the Arts. People like Penn Jillette and Stephen Colbert. And a whole lot of non-politicos who tend to vote Democratic, on REAL Libertarian grounds alone. Hollywood is a favorite stomping ground for REAL Libertarians, and Lawrence knows a lot of them. In fact, I would argue that the highest calling of a Libertarian is not government, because they hate it and aim to destroy it, but the Arts.

Here is Lawrence schooling (you're welcome) young Paulies and Paulines on Ron Paul's FAKE Libertarianism. C'mon, kiddies. Time to fall out of love with the old racist homophobic geezer, who refers to gays as "queer". He is a flak, an agent for the most reactionary elements of the Republican Party, not the wingnuts, but the right wing CORPORATE Establishment represented by Romney. They want your energy, your boots on the ground. THEY WANT TO USE YOU to elect Mitt Romney president. In exchange for keeping you "in the fold" they'll give Ron Paul some role in the convention, maybe vague promises not meant to be kept of a cabinet post, even consideration of Rand Paul as a Veep candidate. Oh, Mittens will have Rand Paul on some list before he picks Marco Rubio, or Mitch Daniels, or Chris Christie.

So choose someone closer to your age for whom you can fawn, slobber, pine, and obsess irrationally. But not some aging snake oil FAKE who is a dead ringer for Stan Laurel and of late has become Mittens' fetch-it dog. (We all know how Mittens treats his dogs.) Not judging, but it's kinda creepy, this irrational adulation of yours, y'know. You can forget about destroying the Fed or bringing back the Gold Standard. Ain't gonna happen. Republicans love it, and Ron Paul, the FAKE, knows it.

PS — Please don't send Lawrence any hate mail, or he might think I put you up to it.

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