Monday, February 20, 2012

Beltway Media 'DUH' Moments: Chris Matthews To Susan Page ...

"Are you on my side or are you working against me here?! ... You know that thing in Austin Powers where the seat disappears ..."?

Psst, Chris ... do you want to know a secret? MSNBC Viewers reach for that imaginary button multiple times daily. And while we might give you the more benign Austin Powers treatment, there are times we'd like to drop certain talking heads into that James Bond shark-infested tank, never to be seen or heard from again.

Why is Chris Matthews always the last to know? How many times do we have to say Susan Page is in the tank for Mitt Romney before something, anything, registers?

Here's the context:
CHRIS MATTHEWS: "Wouldn’t the country like to see a mano-a-mano, Susan, between Santorum and Romney, right now just the two of them, let 'em go at it: The cultural conservative against the sort of weirdly detached presence of Mitt Romney?"

SUSAN PAGE: "Well, reporters would like that, and Santorum would like that; I don't know if the whole nation is waiting, hoping for this kind of debate — maybe."
REALLY, Susan? Why so disingenuous in the midst of this raging other-century Republican attack on contraception? See "Sparta" post for one more example of a fairly sophisticated media propaganda campaign on behalf of Mitt Romney, involving instances of identified pro-Romney bias on cable and MSM news from Alex Castellanos, Mark Halperin, and Susan Page, to name but a few.

Incidentally, Chris: That clannish Irish Catholic "protest" of yours on behalf of your racist pal, Pat Buchanan, was in really poor form. Not only was it unconvincing, but if you, Moron Joe and Mika* decide to commiserate with Pat over the last straw in a long line of nativist, racist outbursts, please go "miss him already" on your own time. NOT OURS. We pay for your microphone, and it ain't cheap.

*I rest my case. Moron Joe now has a POLITICO blog. How appropriate. Read comments to see how well that "sunshine is the best disinfectant" thing is working out. Stupid is as stupid does.

PS — Shame on you, Chris. I don't know why you're thrusting Mark Halperin, that charlatan with the smug twisted grin on the rest of us. Great "analytical look"!? Please. Enough, already.

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