Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Steele MSNBC Trainwreck Continues: "Michael. Michael. Michael ..."

Michael Steele, Republican political hack par excellence disrupts Hardball segment by filibustering when asked, once again, to defend the indefensible latest outrageous LIE from the Romney campaign, as Chris loses control of the skit. That's what it's become, right, every time Michael comes on. (Don't say I didn't warn you suits, right from the get-go:) This guy is a GOP operative, a political hack who has contributed NOTHING to the honest political discourse that viewers of the only half-assed "progressive" cable channel are minimally entitled to. Instead, we get all this hard-baked spin, GOP talking points, and LIES from a loyal Republican mole. There is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING Michael Steele has said about Republican politics that is in any way insightful or illuminating. Not that he doesn't have any illuminating insights; but he's NOT SHARING, because he remains a loyal Republican insider's insider. Michael Steele is NOT a free agent!

Here's your proof, MSNBC imbeciles: Pull up the transcript and show your audience where, since becoming an MSNBC "political analyst," has Michael said this about any of the Republican candidates like, for instance, Newt Gingrich:
Gingrich’s is an amazingly efficient candidacy, in that it embodies almost everything disagreeable about modern Washington. He’s the classic rental politician. People think his problem is his colorful personal life. He’s gonna hope people concentrate on that, rather than on, for example, ethanol. Al Gore has recanted ethanol. Not Newt Gingrich, who has served the ethanol lobby. Industrial policy of the sort that got us Solyndra — he’s all for it. Freddie Mac, he says, hired him as a "historian." He’s not a historian. Hire Sean Wilentz, hire Gordon Wood if you want a historian.
Guess who said this on Sunday last — George F. Will. Yes, the very same archetypal, respected conservative pundit. How's that for prescient, incisive political analysis from one conservative to another, heaping merciless scorn on Newt Gingrich? Lawrence was positively giddy about reporting it; but isn't that the kind of candid political assessment that Steele was hired to deliver? You've been had, MSNBC suits. What a pathetic bunch of morons, increasing dead substance air time proportionate to Steele's appearances which the audience must choose (or not) to endure. Watch:

We were spared more of the slo-mo Steele trainwreck when Chris, having totally lost control switched gears to the racist "uppity" remarks of Rush Limbaugh, the titular leader of the Republican Party. An opening for Steele as Chris and Democratic loser extraordinaire Bob Schrum remained monkishly silent. Steele didn't quite condemn it or call Limbaugh an outright racist, but he struck the right notes. Except for this. I'm looking at Michael Steele as the former Chairman of the RNC who did a creditable job leading his party to historic midterm victories. As an African American in that position, I think he was instrumental in convincing independents that the party was "normal" now — instead of the manipulative Michael Steele facade, and a handful of others' — such that the voters' initial unease, their suspicion this was still a racist party no longer obtained. But when asked why racist attitudes such as Limbaugh's still existed in his party, all Steele could muster was a tepid, "I don't know."

That's not very convincing. Michael Steele is a master of the rationalization bordering on the outright partisan lie. He can spin with the best of them and he's been spinning hard ever since his arrival at MSNBC. I have never understood African Americans who are Republicans, especially those who choose to become party operatives while enduring a barrage of racism directed mostly at Democrats and toward our first African American president. But when Steele floats the BIG GOP LIE to Chris of the false equivalence between Republican and Democratic political ads, brushing off the Orwellian Romney ad which attributes to the President words he QUOTED from the McCain campaign — "If we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose" — as if the President said them of his own campaign, an outrageous LIE that is perfectly fine to the ethically obtuse, then Steele is nothing but a politician without a shred of honor for whom almost every lie or bigotry is "fair game" as long as the targets have a (D) before their names.

During his sophomoric filibuster against noted Democratic loserman, Bob Schrum, Steele kept insisting the Democrats have done the same things, but couldn't come up with a single example. Here's your chance, Michael. Justify this:

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