Monday, November 21, 2011

MSNBC WATCH: Alex Wagner Tries to Bridge The Gulf Between “Morality” And The GOP. Ouch.

With a little help from Michael “I spent several years in a monastery” Steele, Megan “I’m such a confused independent Republican but can pronounce ‘New Hamp-SHAR’ like an airhead valley girl” McCain, Willie “The Wingnut” Geist, and well … who cares; might as well tune into Fox for the red meat instead of Alex’s tea parlor wingnut parley. All I can say about Alex: Smart, but youthfully “why can’t we all get along” naïve. Alex, we’re so past that. Unless you want to have a frank, no-holds-barred discussion of why that is, such that Michael will start babbling “youse guys” this and “youse guys” that. Call him the LIAR that he is. He really loses his cool because he knows it’s true. And Michael, speaking as a Catholic, there are child abusers who went to monastery, so I'm not impressed.

Michael, he's one big windbag bullshit machine in need of bursting. Start with the false equivalency on GOP misdeeds (video ad lies) compared to Democrats, and expand outward. And challenge Megan to show her true colors. The smarter she talks, the less she sounds like an airhead. And if Melissa thinks there's no difference between MSNBC and Fox, well then ... never mind.

Understand, these people are to a significant extent in the grip of generational right wing brainwashing and denial of reality. Watching the show is like watching progressives in name becoming their captors; a progressives “Stockholm Syndrome.” It’s so typical; Melissa, with her natural inclination to get along and be nice, be compassionate, find common ground, until she and Alex leave their intellect, their outrage, and their skepticism in a jar by the door. It’s a common affliction of progressives and liberal-minded people known unofficially as the ‘get along to go along’ syndrome. And so we get this:

Melissa (paraphrasing): "Well it all depends on what "media" we're talking about — what will MSNBC say about the Tea Party, and what will Fox say about OWS?" HUH ... Nice, Melissa. Really nice. You're a part-time MSNBC host/pundit-without-portfolio (or a clue, I'm beginning to think), and you blithely lump MSNBC together with Fox? Even I wouldn't go that far, but after watching a disgusting snippet or two of Alex's show ... I sort of get your point; I can’t see much difference between the two.

Next topic: Michelle Obama booed at NASCAR event. Between Michael (think pompous ass politico), “Stepping back and looking at the political landscape ...” Oh, STFU Michael. Please. Just STFU. … And Melissa, are your priorities straight? … “I wouldn’t boo President or Mrs. Bush …” Oh really. Here’s the thing, Melissa: I WOULD BOO President Bush because it’s his policies and actions as president that drove us to where we are today. But I would NOT boo Mrs. Bush because it’s not only disrespectful but it isn’t personal. Neither she nor their kids are politicians promoting destructive policies. The same standard applies to Mrs. Obama. Booing her at a NASCAR event is disrespectful. Booing the President may be, if it's a (borderline; everything's political) nonpolitical event, but it's cricket; those guys and gals are wingnut yahoos and, well, it’s a free country, and if they don’t want health care or a black president, or something ... boo. Hoo.

Alex, I don’t know to which “family” you refer, but it doesn’t include a large portion of your natural audience. Trust me on this.

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