Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OOPS ... Republicans Blamed For "Supercommittee" FAIL

Look at it this way; most Republicans on the so-called "supercommittee" are forging their real careers as multi-millionaire lobbyists. Their hero isn't Ronald Reagan; it's Grover Norquist. And for iconic GOP legendary status in gaming the system, it's Jack Abramoff, America's most corrupt lobbyist. That 60 Minutes story exposing the boastful Norquist preening about his power over the GOP Congress was an eye-opener for millions of Americans. Unless they're really tuned into inside politics, most Americans have no idea who this "rathead" is, to coin his term for those who refused to sign the Norquist no-taxes pledge. But they can smell a rat and a phony when they see one. He's got most Republicans in Congress in his hip pocket.
Voters blame Republicans over the president and his congressional allies 44% to 38%. Independent voters blame Republicans 44% to 35%.
Interestingly, the Roll Call story, in a manner emblematic of Beltway Media bias, tries to make hay of the finding that a plurality of respondents favors a cuts-only approach. It's almost as if they're digging for dirt on Democrats, pulling this weed out: "But Hispanics, a key voting block in next year’s election, favored a cuts-only approach, 52% to 37%." Hmm ... Typical Latino voter: (a) no tax hikes for the super rich and cuts only to programs Latinos like, (b) electrified fences, and shoot-to-kill at the border, (c) papers please laws in red states (GOP program), versus immigration reform, expanding voter franchise, protecting programs popular with Latinos (Democrats) ... vamos pesar la balanza. "But Republicans can take heart that their approach has a plurality of support." Riiiight. Here's the poll finding, in context:
A debt-reduction plan should include spending cuts only, 49 percent of voters say, while 39 percent want a mix of tax hikes and spending cuts. Support for spending cuts only is 73 - 21 percent among Republicans and 45 - 41 percent among independent voters, while Democrats want a mix of cuts and tax hikes 56 - 33 percent. Support for cuts only is 52 - 32 percent among voters making less than $30,000 per year, dropping to 51 - 41 percent among voters making more than $100,000 per year. White voters with a college degree support a mix of cuts and tax hikes 52 - 41 percent while white voters with no college degree want cuts only 55 - 33 percent.
As usual, it all comes down to education. The more affluent and college educated the respondents are, the greater the support for a mix of cuts and tax hikes even though, theoretically, it might impact their pocketbooks. Why the poll makes a distinct finding for "white voters with a college education" is unclear and more than a bit disturbing. Thanks to the Idiot Punditocracy, to Beltway Media outlets like Roll Call, and the MSM generally for keeping American voters in a dumbed-down state of confusion unlike any other voters in developed democracies.

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