Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Romney Ad Postcript: Not Quite Jason ...

But point taken. I've blasted MSNBC incessantly for not calling a spade a spade and a lie a LIE. Keith was the best at it, so much so that he parted ways with his corporate masters at MSNBC. Big Eddie has planted his working class flag and muscled the power to say it, and there isn't much the suits can do about it, given his following. But they always have the last word, ironically. The Rev's been good that way. Rachel, well, that's not her style, but she pretty much lays it out. And the Irish in Lawrence makes him good for it:

But then MSNBC hires a professional partisan LIAR in Michael Steele to swell the ranks of its reactionary pundit-interlopers, and the clarity of truth is lost, just in time for the elections. Good one, GOP! Just make sure you give Michael whatever medal it is you have for MSM moles in whatever coven it is you conduct these secret ceremonies. BTW, Chris, your GOP elephant logo is WAY OUT OF DATE and incorrect. The stars aren't properly misaligned. Why isn't the GOP elephant logo truthfully represented in your graphics? Could it be ... SATAN!?

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