Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lean Forward Suits Divine New Show For Poli-SEER

Democratic Party rising star and MSNBC commentator with the perfect pundit's name, Kristal Ball, is slated to get her own network show with the perfect title — 'The Krystal Ball show — following the venerable Andrea Mitchell, according to sources close to this blog's imagination.

The suits are excited about promoting the 'Three Amigas' back-to-back to back lineup of Alex Wagner, Andrea and Krystal. Ms Ball broke her maiden for the Dylan Ratigan stable of lovelies before being claimed by aggressive Dylan rival Martin Bashir, heightening tensions and sensitivities between the two. Meanwhile, Alex Wagner took the opportunity to poach from Dylan's power lineup the highly rated Euro import, Imogen Lloyd Webber, daughter of the great composer, prompting Dylan to accuse Martin of stealing his best guests after the talented Karen Finney showed up on Bashir's turf. "But Dylan," Martin retorted innocently, "you've still got Jimmy Williams."

Krystal's first guests are to be Martin Bashir and Dylan Ratigan, with an innovation: Dylan will be making sage pronouncements from Krystal's crystal ball about our corrupt "auction-based" political system:

PS — Just funnin' Dylan, Martin et al. Have a good holiday, gentlemen and lady!

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