Friday, November 18, 2011

Funnin' Rachel Maddow: Rachel, You Got Some 'Splainin' To Do ...

OK, Rachel, I'm convinced. The Incredibly creative 'Herman Cain Art Project' is REAL. Now you tell me, Rachel, because I can't quite wrap my mind around this one: Who is Herman Cain's Picasso? I cannot believe, meaning no disrespect, that Herman Cain, a pizza mogul and self-declared "businessman," has the creative chops to conjure up a "complicated, ... widely sourced [art project] pulling from movies and songs and video games and even TV shows that were turned into movies.” So who's behind it — that is the question. The cigarette guy? No way. We need some answers to your provocative Herman Cain theory, Rachel:

And one more thing: As a taxpayer, I'm ROYALLY PISSED that this lady's husband is now the first Republican candidate to request, and receive, Secret Service protection at our expense; watch her eyes when asked whether Herman Cain would make a good president. Personally, I think she's an Obama voter:

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