Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reasons Not To Watch Daytime MSNBC

Moron Joe; Dylan Ratigan; sticking Chris Hayes on the equivalent of a graveyard shift timeslot; reactionary pundits like Karen Hunter (is she still defending Herman Cain?) and Boris The Blowhard Republican — where's the progressive, not to mention Democratic, perspective? It's CNN-Lite with Richard Lui, the ex-CNNer, who allows Boris The Blowhard to refer to a nonexistent "Democrat Party."

Do you have any idea how infuriating this partisan trash talking disrespect is, MSNBC suits?  Don't call yourself a professional newsman, Mr. Lui, if you don't know to correct any anti-Democratic pundit who says that. It's not as if we haven't incessantly covered this ground before. To the point where then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to correct then-President George W. Bush. And he graciously conceded the point, promising to say the party's name correctly. It seems Mr. Lui hasn't gotten the memo. He keeps allowing his obnoxious Republican pundits to deliberately trash the party's name. It's disrespectful.

There is no such entity as the "Democrat Party" just as there is no such thing as the "Democrat machine." There is the Democratic Party, which is the longest continuously existing political party in world history. For that reason alone — set aside policy, philosophy, history — it deserves the minimum respect accorded a great institution by virtue of its longevity in the fabric of American history, from its earliest anti-Federalist (the Republicans of the day) foundational faction of Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, to acquiring its modern name under Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. That Mr. Lui seems oblivious to this is his CNN mentality infecting MSNBC. That MSNBC insists on pursuing the CNN model is the surest path to perennial second- and third-bananadom.

This is just another example of the myth of MSNBC as a progressive channel, one which allows insults of Democrats, liberals, and progressives to be meted out by right wing pundit-interlopers, and a host of center-right types and fake Democrats on a daily basis. A recent example: Dylan Ratigan thundering to the guy doing "Democratic" commentary on his show, of President Obama: "He's YOUR president!" Someone must have said something to Ratigan because since his frank outburst Ratigan's gone overboard with his, "excuse me, President Obama." Too late, Dylan. You can't shove your anti-Obama, anti-Democratic bias back in the tube once you spout it out.

So much for the "liberal" and/or "progressive" channel.

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