Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goldie Taylor Comes Forward, NAMES Abuser

Good on Goldie Taylor for having the courage to come forward and name her abuser.* If anything good comes of this PSU horror, then it's giving the silent victims of sexual abuse the strength to break their silence and fight back against the predators who hide behind their institutional authority. Even after years have gone by. There should be no statute of limitations for sex crimes, period. Particularly sex crimes against minors. And kudos to Lawrence for the rare gift of enabling guests on his show to reveal things about themselves outside their comfort zones that would help others in similar circumstances. It's never done in a disrespectful or exploitative manner. I guess that's why we like Lawrence. He's good at what he does. Outside politics, of course. And socialistic adverts sitting on a plush corporate boardroom maroon leather divan.

*Correction: I meant to say "abuser" not "accuser". Carlos mind-melt. It happens.

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