Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TEA PARTY REMEDIAL ED: History v. Pseudo-History

Learning to tell the difference, first, and then knowing the difference through independent research and verification, is the first step toward enlightenment on any given historical topic. A true grasp of history is essential to an informed electorate, for it directly impacts one's knowledge of politics and economics. Here Chris gives the Teabaggers an object lesson in history as a remedy for their ignorant notions of government:

And HOW NOT TO BE A HISTORIAN. Well, you can begin by not being a right wing polemicist who lies, as he must, on a daily basis. To be an honest and honorable historian is to come to grips with the truth, the facts, and objective historical realities — the textbook history that should not (before the right wing Texas Board of Education rewrote our children's schoolbooks) be questioned for historical accuracy. Bill-O the Clown claims there are only four errors. O'Really Bill-O? Then how do you account for at least 12 and as many as 17 identified errors at last count? What a pathetic blowhard — keeping America Teh STOOPID. Here Keith and John Dean deconstruct Bill-O the Clown for presuming to be a Lincoln historian:

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