Friday, November 18, 2011

The Education of A Wingnut: Daily Caller "Reporter" Who Was At Chris's Book Party Roughed Up By Police

Remember the young lady from the Daily Caller who went to Chris's book party looking to record a caught-on-camera grope? This time she got more than she bargained for — no sheltered wingnut existence there — when caught up at the point of the OWS Wall Street demonstration on Thursday in New York City. She was shoved against a taxi and roughed up by the cops. Props to the wingnut for having some chutzpah derring-do.

It's ironic that the demonstrators she was there to discredit ultimately came to her aid and solicitously asked if she was "all right" as we see her, clearly way way out of her comfort zone, shaken and in tears. She seems incredulous that the authority figures wingnuts so look up to, like the police, shoved her down "when I wasn't doing anything. They shoved me up against the taxi." One astute demonstrator asked if it was recorded — "we need to put this on Facebook." Now there's a good sense of positive PR for the movement. Through it all we can hear the crowd shouting: "The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching!" Live and learn, kiddo, although I'm sure your politics won't change any. But you never know.

Word of advice to the demonstrators: Keep it clean and keep it peaceful. They know this; but should they spot troublemakers or anyone inciting violence, turn them in. Holding one's ground as we see in this video is perfectly appropriate. But keep in mind: The Daily Caller was there to capture violence by the demonstrators, and no one else. The fact that it was police violence visited on the DC's totally incredulous tearful reporter, was unfortunate for the Daily Caller — we don't want to see anyone get hurt — but not for the movement. Here's the raw video of the "fracas," which is worth a look even though it's meant to discredit the movement. Watch some of yesterday's brutality, courtesy of the NYPD and the people's chronicler for-a-day, the Daily Caller:

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