Friday, December 03, 2010

TEA PARTY Remedial Education: Who Benefits From Tax Cuts For The Rich?

Your heroes! The Teabaggers hang on these overpaid hucksters' every word, actually PAY their salaries. How's that working for ya, teabaggin' fool tools? Do you stand to benefit too? Demographically, considering how much government benefits you receive, Medicare and Social Security, gladly paid by MY TAXES, you're not cashing in on much of this Chinese BONUS BONANZA; you're just the saps who nod your heads in fear at the latest absurd conspiracy or racist broadside, and fall in line. Senator Claire McCaskill alluded to this: If this OBSCENE genuflecting to the super rich in which the disparity in wealth between the few at the rarefied top and the rest of us, the widest it's been since 1928, continues, there will be a REAL populist uprising:
“I don’t know how anyone can keep a straight face and say they are for deficit reduction while they insist on a permanent tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, completely unpaid for,” McCaskill said of the GOP stance. “If they think it’s OK to raise taxes for the embattled middle class because . . . (Democrats) don’t give more money to millionaires, it really is time for people in America to take up pitchforks.”
Coming from a  U.S. senator, this was an extraordinary (and WELCOME) statement. It also reflects a level of frustration with the lack of leadership from the White House that is spilling over within Democratic ranks. Just remember (for the few who've read your history) what happened just one year later.


Anonymous said...

Alan Grayson for President, 2016!
(After to Obama's second term)

Carlos said...

Yeah, it's refresing to see a Congressman who speaks truth to power, and is fearless doing it.