Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If President Obama Were More Like Harry Truman

He'd never stand for this outrage from Texas Rep. Joe Barton, the pallid, pathetic clown lobbying to chair the House Energy Committee. Barton had the unmitigated gall to compare himself to legendary WWII general George S. Patton in this tasteless adolescent self-promotion:

If Barton is Patton, Boehner Eisenhower and Cantor Omar Bradley, what does that make President Obama — Hitler? If President Obama were like Harry Truman, here’s what he might say to Joe Barton:

“Joe, my Grandfather served under General Patton, and you dodged the Vietnam draft when your number came up. That’s the reality. I’m glad you’re no Patton or you’d still be trying to fight your way out of Sicily today.”

And to Mitch McConnell, who said his number one objective is defeating the President: “Make my day, Mitch. Give me your best shot. But don’t try playing hardball with me if you can’t match me stride for stride.”

Instead we got the pablum of today’s photo-op in the White House. We’d like to see President Obama throw a few more elbows around instead of taking them. Be more like ‘Give ‘em Hell Harry’ Mr. President.

Heh … As if.

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