Thursday, December 02, 2010

New York Daily News Captures GOP MERRY XMAS Card to The Unemployed

This was an opportune time for New York's second newspaper and original tabloid, the NY Daily News, to recycle its most famous headlines ever: "FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD." It was 1975. (And the newspaper cost 15 cents!) As New York City teetered on the verge of bankruptcy, President Ford (unelected successor to Richard Nixon who had resigned in disgrace over Watergate) gave a speech denying federal assistance to the city. Eventually, President Ford signed legislation providing federal loans to the city, which were repaid with interest. There was miscalculation and posturing on both sides. Ford was rightly miffed because he never said those words. But it was an editorial stroke of genius (there's not much room for boringly accurate block headlines on the News' front page) and it cost President Ford reelection the next year.

Fast forward to Nov. 2, 2010. Today's headline and story behind it focuses on the plight of 95,000 of the city's unemployed whose benefits were cut off today, at the height of the Holiday season, because the Republicans are playing games with their lives. In this instance it was Massachusetts senator Scott Brown, whose name is SHIT in New York, blocking a vote to extend jobless benefits. It's a dangerous kabuki dance these GOP bastards are playing, and if history is any indication they'll end up paying for their craven heartlessness laced with hipocrisy. Teabaggers should take note of the subhead: "But Wall Street Parties Like It's 1999." When a conservative newspaper makes the sweetheart connection between the Tea Party tools and Wall Street, your gig is up. You've hit your highwater mark; now you're headed for a big fall, Teabaggers. Here are the two headlines, side-by-side:

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