Thursday, December 02, 2010


And it isn’t even Friday.

When Steve King called President Obama an “urban” candidate which is white code language for BLACK, Keith Olbermann said rather generously that he was getting close to “jumping the racism shark.” Keith, this guy made that jump a while back and he’s just circling back to make another jump and another and another, ad nauseum. King tried to walk back his remarks on the ‘little black T-shirt’ dude’s program. This racist’s claim would be a wee bit more credible if he didn’t have a history of racist comments. Back in June, King said the President has a “default mechanism that favors the black person.” More recently, Rep. King said a decades-long settlement of government agencies' discrimination against African American and Native American farmers was “slavery reparations.”

Strange. If unemployment among African Americans is a whopping 52.6 percent compared to the national average of 9.6 percent, I’d hate to think what Mr. King’s non-“default” position is: A return to slavery, or perhaps only indentured servitude? This little-discussed figure is behind the cruelty of  Tea/Republican Party lawmakers in denying millions of unemployed Americans an extension of unemployment benefits. These imbeciles think it’s a “black” problem even though African Americans make up only 13 percent of the general population. While the Idiot Punditocracy opine imperiously that the unemployed have no political leverage (true) it’s the false perception of their skin color that seals the deal for Republicans to vote NO.

(Wait. They’ll vote YES on an $18 billion extension of unemployment as long as it’s paid for from unspent stimulus revenues which are already allocated, but will gladly add $108 billion to the deficit to give the super rich 2 percent of the population a tax cut.)

Ironically, one of the many serious critiques of the Obama administration thus far is he has not paid enough attention to the urgent problems of the black community lest he not be perceived as president of  ALL the people. They’re saying that ANYWAY, Mr. President, so why not forget the optics and just do what’s right.

Congressman Steve King takes his punishment.
Is blatant, open racism by members of Congress part of the House Ethics Committee purview? If something isn't done to address the common use of racism in Congress (especially now with more racists and Teabaggers descending on our capital) we could see another incident like this. In the alternate, restoring the punishment of the pillory on the public (square) Mall as a great new tourist attraction of the evils of Washington D.C. might be enthusiastically embraced by originalists in the Tea Party!

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