Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Funnin’ Rachel Maddow (Part Deux): Rachel Gets Her Wish as Keith Repels Michele’s Come-On (Kinda)

(This isn’t rating week, is it? Just checking …)

Caption This:
Rachel embraces her "inchoate yearning ..."

Meanwhile, back at 30 Rock, the “cable” show … For some weird, inexplicable reason wingnut women (many repeat Worst Persons) flock to Keith Olbermann as if he were the embodiment of that character in the Dos Equus beer commercial, “the world’s most interesting man.” Laura Ingraham allegedly dated him. Ruthie, Olbermann’s possessive-compulsive media stalker at the Daily Caller, dedicates a weekly column to Keith’s every utterance. And now, most shocking of all, Michele Bachmann has expressed a burning desire to be stranded on a desert island with him:
“I think it would be so interesting to have a discussion with him. And I think he would be willing to have a discussion. I do.”
Sounds like a come-on to me. After splitting a few coconuts, what “discussion” could Keith and Michele possibly have on a desert island? Think about it. Keith’s reaction to Michele:


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