Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Idiot Punditocracy Watch: Lawrence O'Donnell Eats Humble Pie

Nice to see Adam Green and Jane Hamscher school the smug and cocky Lawrence O'Donnell in the error of his irrational assertions regarding the process of government. After Green bested him with the sound historical argument that the President was too timid and risk-averse to use his bully pulpit effectivelly, caving without even offering any kind of pushback, O'Donnell tried unsuccessfully to weasel out with a defeated note of agreement. Progressives = 1, O'Donnell = 0.

 Barf Bag Segment: Didn't see the point of inviting the vomit-inducing Luís Dobbs. The irrelevant racist's face time on MSNBC was a baffling offense to thousands of viewers repulsed by that hombre de mierda.

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