Monday, October 04, 2010

Adventures In TEA PARTY Campaigns: "I'm Not a Witch"... I'M A VAMPIRE!

In what arguably could be the most bizarre political ad of all time, coven member, science denier (global warming, evolution), anti-masturbation league leader, job-, home-, and college degree-challenged Tea Party Senate candidate from Delaware Christine O'Donnell launched an ad campaign designed to mainline her by claiming she's like YOU AND I! Oh NOOOOO!!!

Fortunately for us, the ad is so sinisteriously strange that one wonders whether Bill Maher or David Letterman commissioned it. Christine is dressed in Dracula chic — BLACK — pearls no crucifix (uh-oh) with strange lighting rendering her skin x-tra pallid and her eyes ... well, with lilting, somewhat off-key piano background New Age muzak, heightening the impression of girl next door going EEVIL Teabagger coven, like a bad Twilight outtake ... or is it?

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