Tuesday, October 05, 2010

How Patriotic Are The Teabaggers? Not Much.

An explosive and exclusive investigation by Think Progress reports that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has been pouring millions into ads to help Tea Party/Republican candidates defeat Democrats in the midterm elections, is receiving political campaign funds from foreign entities. That’s right, Teabaggers. Your candidates may be funded by foreigners.

How does this occur? The Chamber of Commerce solicits money from foreign entities and companies that goes into their general fund in Washington, D.C. The general fund is fungible, therefore if would be difficult to distinguish what money is coming from where. Simply taking the Chamber’s vociferous denials (at first they didn’t) that they have a system in place to do this isn’t sufficient.

This is a direct result of the Citizens United decision allowing unlimited funding by corporations in our electoral campaigns. The funding disparity between corporations and what the Democratic Party can raise from unions, small contributors and progressive PACs is of an order of 7-1. Thanks to the radical right wing fascists on the Supreme Court, our electoral system is being skewed in favor of foreign and domestic corporations. Why would foreign entities wish to influence our elections? Listen up, Teabaggers, I can give you at least three very good reasons:
1. Influence. A foreign company that sells its products in our markets has billions riding on the most favorable trade deals possible. The next time you think your Tea Party candidate is working for you, Teabaggers, think again. They are funded by Astroturf groups like the Chamber of Commerce, and when the time comes to cast a vote favorable to foreign companies or blocking Democratic legislation to help American workers or impose fair trading policies, they’ll be there to filibuster. 
2. Blocking pro-American laws. Foreign entities will call in their chips to Teabaggers when the time comes to block legislation like Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s bill to close tax loopholes for American companies shipping jobs overseas and reward companies that keep those jobs in America. Senator Durbin’s bill was filibustered by Senate Republicans. The Chamber of Commerce called his legislation “bad” for American business. Foreign money (probably Saudi, Indian, Chinese) is used to grease Republicans willing to vote for shipping American jobs overseas. 
3. Dependence on Fossil Fuels.  Maintaining our reliance on foreign fossils fuels, particularly oil from Saudi Arabia and its OPEC partners as well as Venezuela and Brazil, among others, is key for foreign oil-producing countries. It is no accident that a Saudi prince owns a major part of Fox, the Teabaggers’ network of choice. The more we are dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs the less independent we are as a nation.
This, aside from turning America into a third world country by killing Social Security and Medicare and transferring borrowed foreign funds to millionaires and billionaires, saddling our kids with the debt, is the agenda Teabaggers are supporting. Not really a surprise considering 47 percent of Teabaggers belong to the Christian Right, the ultra-conservative group of American mullahs, who want to impose their own Christian brand of Sharia law in the U.S. and completely destroy the social fabric of this country. Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell are two perfect examples of the kinds of wingnut religious radical candidates fielded by the American mullahs.

The Teabaggers do not represent America. In fact, their activites and those “persons” with the deepest pockets in the universe — domestic and foreign corporations — are close to committing treason. It’s a matter of interpretation. “Liberty” my ass. Our democracy is imperiled. By the Teabaggers. Can you spell 'T.O.O.L.S.', Teabaggers? It’s what you are. And if you believe in Heaven and Hell, you’re going down.

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