Thursday, November 06, 2008

The teeny tiny brain of Sean Hannity

Here is the absurd "poll question" from the even more absurd Sean Hannity:

With ACORN fraud, military ballots missing, and people voting more than once do you believe that Obama would have won this election without all those situations?

Feel free to laugh uproariously.


I'm Not Ned said...

Rush Limpbaugh is claiming that turnout was greater for 2004.

He's also claiming that as many as 4 million votes for Obama could be tied to ACORN fraud.

I think the GOP needs to toss Hanity and Limpbaugh under the bus. Does anyone remember the fine support those two gave McCain in the primary? They are as much to blame as Palin.

Peter said...

In every election there is the anecdotal voter fraud, i.e., ineligibles voting or double voting, but you could fit the number of such voters in most years in a high school gym, and AT MOST in a college basketball arena. ELECTION fraud, not counting votes, purging voters, hacking machines, that is a common occurence, and gosh darn it if it always doesn't benefit Republicans!