Monday, November 03, 2008

Heads Up: The Ohio Vote Can Still Be Hacked!

The same electronic tabulation system that could have hacked the Ohio vote tabulation in 2004 IS STILL IN PLACE for the 2008 election. As incredible as this may seem, electronically tabulated votes in Ohio are routed through a highly partisan Republican IT company in Chatanooga, TN, SmarTech Inc., before the “results” are displayed online.

According to IT experts, this unsafe schematic leaves the system open to a “KinPin” or “Man in the Middle (MIM)” attack from criminal hackers who can scramble the vote in any way at the SmarTech IT server. Read about it here.

SmaTech is the same server that hosted Karl Rove’s 500 “missing” emails.

It's UN.F*.BELIEVABLE that Ohio with a Democratic governor and Democratic secretary of state have NOT taken appropriate measures to close this HUGE security risk to counting ALL the votes from Ohio on Nov. 4 and holding an HONEST election.

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