Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Random Thoughts

It is 75 degrees and sunny in Chicago. God is in his heavens and all is right with the world.

Dr. King, you wished for a day when character rather than color would be the question. That day is here.

When people vote, Republicans lose.

How fucked up is Alaska? Caribou Barbie and Ted Stevens?

Kudos to the kids. The youth vote was HUGE.

Does the devil still have the claim check for John McCain's soul?

Liddy Dole. Buh bye! Good riddance.

I'm afraid the GOP will learn their lesson. Forget Mittens Romney. Forget Madame Moosehunter. The GOP will realize that anti-intellectualism is a loser, that Americans are sick of presidents "like them." The new face of the GOP is not the miserable and disgusting Sarah Palin. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present your 2012 GOP nominee--David Petraeus.

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