Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mr. Irrelevant

Who gets this title, normally reserved for the last player picked in the NFL draft?

Joe Lieberman..or

Joe the Plumber?


I'm Not Ned said...

My irrelevant vote goes to Lieberman.

The Republicans really don't like him. (Anti-gun, pro-choice, pro-gay)

The Democrats don't need him for a majority or to get a super majority so he's next to worthless.

And there are way too many images of him standing behind McCain clapping and smiling for the Dems to accept him back.

He'll vote aimlessly in the wind and possibly see his career end in 2012 when he has no base to rely on.

Lula O said...

His gamble didn't pay off, that's for sure. Any guess as to why he turned? I liked him when he was Gore's VP. He and my dad are actually friends, long-distance ones that is. They haven't talked to each other since this happened. Perhaps they never will again.