Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Where's WaldoJohn McCain?

Actually, WaldoJohn McCain isn't hard to find at all! He's everywhere! On the Sunday shows, chatting on Today through Tonight, goshdarnit the Straight Talk Express was even there for the BCS game coin toss Monday night. We sure love that maverick, don't we?

And then we have his escalation talk. His talk of an addition of 100,000+ to the military overall, with deploying at least 30,000 to Iraq immediately, suggests one of two possibilities:

1) He never really checked out of the Hanoi Hilton and is suffering from very real delusions or, much more likely,

2) It is the ultimate CYA game. He'll make any ridiculous request, and when this debacle comes to its inexorable miserable conclusion, Mr. Straight Talk can say, "Look, did you do what I said? No. I said "Send in 30,000 troops! Add 100,000 more! Send in the Rockettes! Did I see any leg kicking in Baghdad? No, that wasn't the Straight Talk way!"

How many times has he sold his soul?

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