Sunday, January 07, 2007

Guess the byline

From this morning's Chicago Tribune:

In policy mirror, Bush reflects on Truman
Parallels drawn over global threat, duty

Of course, it has to be Mark Silva. This simple-minded Bush apologist writes that Chimpy "is reaching forward for a place in history with hope that he will be recognized as a leader who confronted `the ideological struggle of the 21st Century.'"

You know, Mark, you might actually be right for once. Of course though, the `the ideological struggle of the 21st Century' is certainly not as you cast it, a "conflict between freedom and terrorism." Rather, it is a conflict that has several faces, the conflicts pitting democracy against corporatism, constitutionalism against authoritarianism, religious fanaticism against rationalism and finally and most fundamentally, decency against criminality. Mark, Mr. Bush has not only "confronted" these struggles, he caused them, and we can all only hope that he loses.

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I'm not Ned said...

Funny that Silva would allign Bush with Truman while a member of the Reagan administration (Paul Roberts, Asst. Sec. of Teasury) equates Bush with Hitler.