Friday, January 12, 2007


I've carped here before about the travel the Mrs. does for work, Paris, Rome, etc. Well, given that 1) it's our 30th anniversary as a couple, 2) our 25th wedding anniversary and 3) 30 years since my wonderful sophomore year spent there, we decided I would tag along on the Euroean group meeting this year. Where?

ATHENS, Greece (CNN) -- The U.S. Embassy in Athens has been hit by a rocket in an attack that anonymous callers claimed was staged by militant left-wing group, authorities said.

Thanks, George.


jimbow8 said...

Left-wing? I'd hardly but the "islamofascist terrorists" (as the admin and pundits like to call them) left-wing.

Peter said...

Greece has long had a history of student radicalism, mostly of the coffee house variety, with some violent expressions. I would guess that it is home-grown disaffected youth more than `turr.'

schmidlap said...

So when do we start carpet bombing them?

I gotta think to das Chimpenf├╝hrer and pals, the only thing more terrifying than a brown person is a leftist.