Thursday, January 11, 2007

To the fine people of Indiana's 6th Congressional district

Dear Folks:

Your congressman (Mike Pence, R-Fantasyland) is an idiot.
The American people could see that this Commander in Chief has decided not to fail. While the President is calling for more American forces, this is more properly understood as a change in strategy and tactics. Freedom must prevail in Iraq. The President has charted a course for victory and I look forward to supporting this new strategy.
Wow, freedom, victory, new strategy, was it buy one talking point, get one free?

Editor's note, completely off point: Rep. Pence's bio on his website states that he earned his "doctorate in jurisprudence" from Indiana University. Right there, you know he's a pompous blowhole. OK, I know the paper says something similar (mine says "juris doctor") but it's a friggin' LAW DEGREE. It's a trade school certificate, NOT a doctorate (Doc Magoo can testify to what getting a REAL one takes) and only pompous blowholes pretend otherwise. It's not even a difficult trade school to get through. I did well at a pretty decent law school, and graduate school in history made law school look like a walk in the park.


drmagoo said...

You know, when Michael Jordan played for the Bulls, I often thought that he could just decide that the team would win, and it would win. I think that's what Brian Urlacher did in the Arizona game this year. I'm fairly certain that President Bush can't do that for, say, a war. He's an idiot.

And Mike Pence is a moron.

Rousing Rabble said...

Isn't there a difference between a law degree and a doctorate (PhD) in law?

Peter said...

RR, many American law schools offer an LL.M degree, a "master of law," but those generally involve specialty areas (tax, finance, intellectual property, etc.)

Research doctorates in legal studies, the Ph.D, would in most cases be awarded through the history or political science departments in LAS rather than the law schools.

Rousing Rabble said...

So really, a JD is the rough equivalent of a MA or MS?

Peter said...

It takes longer than your typical master's program, three years, but it is not a research program and has no comprehensive final product, no thesis or my personal favorite from grad school, oral comps.

Rousing Rabble said...

Having completed 2 master's programs, I figured as much, but I wasn't aware that there is no "oral" comp to be completed in law school --- damn, I should have gone there instead!