Saturday, January 13, 2007

The GOP with its priorities in place

At one of the crucial junctures of our nation's history, when we face both a constitutional crisis and the threat of a regional war in the Middle East, Rep. Jo Davis (Fascist-VA) introduced legislation to deal with our most pressing problem:

H. 107 To define marriage for all legal purposes in the District of Columbia to consist of the union of one man and one woman.
I know that Congress has authority over the district, but they have a LOCAL government that deals with these things. However, she must have acted because the wedding of Ed and Ted or Jane and June are the most important social problems facing the district. Never mind guns, drugs or school problems in D.C., we MUST stop homosexual nuptials!

It is odd though--Rep. Jo doesn't live in the district. Why should she care? Before ye of little faith think, though, that these are just GOP talking points, note that this is one powerhouse representative who has previously introduced crucial legislation calling for the James River to be named "America's Founding River." [editor's note: I've always felt the James has been slighted.]

And just one quick note on Rep. Jo. Besides winning the Joan Collins Over Made-Up Hag Award

we should point out this little factoid--she "attended" Hampton Roads Business College. We all know what "attended" means--she didn't finish. So to the fine folks of Virginia's 1st Congressional district, your representative is a typing school dropout!


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Peter, formal education is not the only thing that counts (and I have a lot of it).

Jo Davis is a four-term representative, which means she knows what her constituents want. In addition to introducing/supporting substantive bills that affect her district, she's got the sense to introduce junk that they also like. I bet she gets a fifth term!

A democrat would never introduce a bill as trivial as the "James River" bill. Or would they?

It must have been a slow day form you to pick up on this one.

Peter said...

Hiker, I won't necessarily quarrel with you. I know they all introduce this kind of stuff--she seems to do more than her fair share. I was researching new bills for work and came across the marriage thing, and that just bothered me. Let the people of DSC through THEIR elected representatives sort that out.

And yes, I have been in a foul mood lately!