Monday, January 08, 2007

Map Fun

In the Chicago Tribune, we get to "enjoy" one of America's stupidest humans, Dennis Byrne. He recently drooled
Now here's what should be a familiar story: One country--Ethiopia--got so fed up with waiting for the UN and the "international community" to do something about the threat of Islamic extremists in neighboring Somalia that it went ahead by itself and took them out. If such unilateral military action sounds familiar, it's the game plan followed by President Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Note to Denny. The "game plans" have absolutely NOTHING in common.

Point #1. Note where "Ethiopia" and "Somalia" appear below:

Any questions?

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Bradley Bury said...

I'll bet Denny was the kind of kid whose
playmates were able to get him to eat a piece of dog crap by telling him it was a melting candy bar.