Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Music Break: Sweet Home Alabama, America's Most RACIST State

ALABAMA, HOME TO TEABAGGERS, WHITE CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISTS, OBAMA HATERS, AND O-DERANGEMENT SYNDROME secessionists, attained the infamous distinction, along with Mississippi, of being the state where the most racist tweets originated during election week. Now they've joined other states to petition the White House for secession from the U.S.

I say cut these antebellum crackers loose; these white trash freeloaders rank 11th in total federal spending in Alabama (OUR TAX DOLLARS!): "salaries, contracts, Social Security, Medicare and hundreds of other direct payments to individuals and institutions — averaged $11,819 per capita, above the national average of $10,459. The federal government sent almost $56.5 billion to the state, which was about evenly divided among four broad categories: defense, healthcare, Social Security and all other agencies combined." Mississippi brings up the rear as the FIRST at the federal government trough. Definitely Romney country. Cut the white trash moochers loose; let's see how long they last before anarchy set in.

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