Monday, November 12, 2012

Memo To Chris Matthews: Here's Why Religion Should NOT Be Off The Table

IN THE WANING WEEKS OF THIS CAMPAIGN, MATTHEWS FELL BACK TO THE DARK SIDE, qualifying every statement to not sound partisan, which blew up in his face anyway, censoring use of the word "LIAR" to correctly describe Mitt Romney's historically unprecedented unprincipled campaign. (And I'm being generous.) But his justification for taking religion off the table was astonishing: He said the kids somehow inherit their parents' religion, and therefore it's unfair to hold them to it. Excuse me, Chris, but kids become adults and adults have free choice. In fact, it is only the most FUNDAMENTALIST religions whose grip on the kids-adults is the strongest, and which happen to be the most patriarchal. And that is absolutely worthy of discussion in the public square, if we are to make an informed choice for the leader whose finger is on the nuclear trigger. Not to denigrate the religion, but to inform, and, most of all, discuss how the candidate's religion will inform and influence his policy decisions and choices should he become president.

Watch this, Chris, and tell us we didn't DODGE A BULLET by wisely rejecting Mitt Romney, despite your smoke and mirrors media malpractice. And thank your MUCH SMARTER friend, Joan Walsh, for staying grounded in reality:

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