Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Memo To Lady Alex: In Re: Rather, Joy-Ann Reed


Alex, Alex, ALEX, ALEX!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, DROP THE HYPER-CHARGED BELTWAY LINGO, DAMMIT! THERE IS NO SUCH THING! EVIDENTLY, YOU GOT AWAY FROM THE HALPERIN HYPNOSIS ONLY TO FALL INTO THE MATTHEWS ORBIT ... Joy-Ann Reed, who is an OASIS OF SANITY AND POLITICAL PERSPICACITY, said "far be it from me for disagreeing with the great Dan Rather" ... but she really meant, "the lovely ingenue to my left" ... then went on to explain how progressive positions, historically, are actually, MAIN-EFFIN'-STREAM!

FINALLY, I wish someone would ask Dan (I know you won't) but I'm so curious: WTF happened to his vaunted "GUT FEELING" which told him it would be "a good day" for Romney?!

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