Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Memo To Beltway: Your Sexual Arousal Is Showing (Ha-Ha ...)

WATCHING THE BELTWAY MEDIA REPORT THE PETRAEUS SEXUAL SCANDAL is like an involuntary peek at a bunch of sexually repressed voyeurs getting off on a porn show. Especially those who get weepy with reverence for institutions like our military and the ironically named "J. Edgar Hoover building" (look up Hoover in Chris Matthew's semi-whitewash JFK book, and you'll know what I mean) — Chuckles Toddy is always good for laughs in this regard, and Chris bemoans reporting "sex" instead of politics before going ALL IN with his double-fisted approach, obviously enlisting a dude who knows of political dirt, John Heilemann, for commentary.

Whitewash, you say? How inconvenient for Chris Matthews that his "colleague" Rachel Maddow is around to correct the record and fill in the gaps in his Hardy Boys account of American History. Listen up, Chris: You may commit sins of historical omission in the Beltway bubble which regards that plagiarized trash Game Change as high literature, but as long as we and your inconvenient "colleague" Rachel Maddow are around, we won't let you get away with a whitewash of American History:

None better than Glenn Greewald to describe the Beltway Bacchanalia surrounding the Petraeus sex scandal: "[T]heir titillation and joy is palpable as they revel in every last arousing detail. This giddy package is delivered draped in a sanctimonious wrapping: their excitement at reporting on these scandals is matched only by their self-righteous condemnations of the moral failings of the responsible person."

Here's Greewald's priceless observation of the Queen of the Beltway's reaction: "On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell appeared genuinely grief-stricken when she first reported Petraeus' resignation letter. "This is very painful", she began by announcing, as she wore a profoundly sad face. Her voice quivered with a mix of awe and distress as she read his resignation letter, savoring every word as though she were reciting from the Dead Sea Scrolls. On the Rachel Maddow Show later that night, Mitchell began her appearance by decreeing that "this is a personal tragedy" and said she was particularly sorrowful for "the men and women of the CIA, an agency that has many things to be proud about: many things to be proud about" [emphasis in original]."

Greenwald blows the cover wide open on the DEIFICATION of our military in the most cogent, MUST-READ examination of what is REALLY IMPORTANT about this sordid affair. I should only add that the MIS-behavior of certain FBI agents in their "investigation," namely the shirtless pictures and seemingly politically motivated reporting of the affair to Eric Cantor, Tea Party darling and way off the chain-of-command scales, suggests the (revered by Chris) J. Edgar Hoover culture may be alive and well in the FBI. Another high-level resignation is in order: FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, a Bush holdout, followed by a total housecleaning of the agency.

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