Monday, November 12, 2012

Memo To MSNBC: If You Replace Big Eddie With Ezra Klein ...

I WILL PERSONALLY CAMPAIGN TO TAKE DOWN ALL YOUR RATINGS GAINS, for which BIG EDDIE holds a great deal of the credit. I don't know who came up with this "brilliant" idea; perhaps Phil Griffin (the corporate weather vane) along with Matthews (who HATES Big Eddie's true blue collar middle class roots; along with Chris's backstabbing Beltway cohorts), but I can assure you, if implemented, it will go down like a lead balloon.

Let me clue you corporate MSNBC ASSHOLES in on a little secret: I (ME) represent your preferred demographic. Check with any of your SMART producers and hosts who riffed off of this little blog's "suggestions" — including who's hot and who's not in punditry —and you will notice the cause-and-effect results in the ratings upticks. Now let me clue you in on another little secret, held back only out of personal consideration for Ezra Klein: The fact of the matter is, Ezra IS INCAPABLE OF CARRYING AN ENTIRE SHOW. Sorry, Ezra, but whenever he's replaced Rachel or Big Eddie, my reaction was a groan followed ten minutes later by a flip to mindless entertainment TV. Yes, I said so myself, Ezra is BRILLIANT dissecting and deconstructing things like the budget and health care, but an entire program which includes the weirdness of politics, human interest, and ENTERTAINMENT, is just not Ezra's bailiwick. He's too wonkish; too un-cool, especially in his cringey attempts to be cool; I'm sorry Ezra, but his diction and weird pronunciation of words is annoying to no end. And so it goes.

Whatever this anti-Big Eddie trial balloon is, from the anti-labor, anti-middle class, BELTWAY wing of the MSNBC high command, it's not going to work, because we, the viewers, will TAKE YOU DOWN BIG TIME. You're fucking CRAZY if you think we're going to hang around for an hour to watch a wonkish killjoy DEPRESS all subsequent programming, beginning with Rachel (if Ezra precedes her, Rachel's ratings will take a nosedive), even more so with Lawrence.

A word to the WISE ... if they even EXIST in MSNBC's corporate boardrooms.

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