Monday, October 08, 2012

Who's To Blame For The Prez's Disastrous Debate Performance

I READ IN TODAY'S TIMES AN INTERESTING POST-MORTEM OF PRESIDENT OBAMA'S DEBATE DISASTER, when even he was unaware how REALLY badly it went. Let me be clear: This is just my opinion, and I've got nothing but a sense of the persons to opine. BUT ANITA DUNN?! WTF was SHE doing in the debate "prep" team? Let me tellya, this woman is such an out-of-touch, arrogant, elitist LIBERAL insider, that my first reaction seeing her name in the mix was, "no wonder." Had Stephanie Cutter, loved by the progressive base, been there, she'd be the first to tell the President (pre-debate) what regular folks want to hear from him (NOT Dunn, who has no earthly idea), and after the President took Dunn's advice instead, "you sucked BIG-TIME."

Here's the thing: The President's personal friend — the WORST kind of presidential adviser — and White House Svengali, Valerie Jarrett, hovering around him like a busybody giving protected "friend" BAD advice, should be locked up in the broom closet, with her BROOM to keep her company; fire Anita Dunn, AGAIN; and confiscate David-Dee and David-Dum's marijuana stash ... Then, maybe the campaign gets back on track. Oh, and let's hope Uncle Joe doesn't commit some untimely, endearing Biden GAFFE in the upcoming Veep debate.

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