Monday, October 08, 2012

BIG BIRD: President Obama's Most Effective Campaign Surrogate

WHAT'S THAT ODIOUS, DESPICABLE SNAKE-OIL SALESMAN MITT ROMNEY'S objection to BIG BIRD?! That cutting funding for PBS and the finest educational program in broadcast and WORLD HISTORY, Sesame Street, somehow can't survive one-one hundreth percent of the budget axe?! ... So he can retain funding RIGHT WING PORNOGRAPHY: BIG OIL SUBSIDIES AND WINDFALL TAX CUTS FOR HIMSELF AND HIS RICH PARTNERS IN CRIME. Or maybe the secretive cult worshipper with the magic underwear waddle was just pissed Sesame Street didn't teach his "boys" God lives on a planet named Kolob, and if they're really good, they'll each get a planet to rule all by their widdle selves.

LOOK FOR BIG BIRD TO MAKE A STAR APPEARANCE ON SNL. Not expecting much from debate skit as far as laughs go,
with that awful Obama player.

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