Thursday, October 11, 2012

Second Stupidest Thing Chris Matthews Said Tonight

"THE (9/11) TRUTHERS ARE FAR LEFT." CHRIS MATTHEWS LIVES IN A MAKE-BELIEVE BELTWAY corporate world of FALSE ASYMMETRY or FALSE EQUIVALENCE, that could actually be called the TRUE corporate "conspiracy" of misinformation, that Chris is constantly pushing. This claim, for example. Or Chris's refusal to say Romney is a LIAR. Or his refusal to address Mitt Romney's mental health, much less the campaign's racist broadsides against President Obama.

It is a chosen ignorant, homogenized and self-serving attitude that comforts and reinforces his inner-Beltway elitist world. That's one thing. The other, is to CAST ASPERSIONS ON THE LEFT for personal, spiteful reasons, every chance he gets, probably because in Chris's conservative worldview, the Left stands in the way of the ascension of the great centrist Clinton (benign corporate) wing of the Democratic Party.

For the millionth time, Chris: THERE IS NO "FAR LEFT"! There's us, regular folks, liberal and progressive in our politics. Then there is center-right (YOU), far right (FOX, Limbaugh, Teabaggers, et al), and there is right wing PARANOID nativist, which includes CRAZIES like Alex Jones, hate groups, extremist anti-government militias and domestic terrorists, the anti-FEMA paranoiacs peddling so-called "government concentration camps," and so on. THESE, Mr. Matthews, are the farthest of the FAR RIGHT, i.e., government-hating, Obama-hating FASCISTS. These, Mr. Matthews, are the so-called "9/11 TRUTHERS." To call them a nonexistent "FAR LEFT" is to deliberately and with malice aforethought throw mud in the face of progressives. See, Chris, it's an oxymoron. Whatever diffuse "far left" there is, e.g., the Occupy movement, are (a) not connected with the Democratic Party — BY CHOICE; they're a 'third way' movement — and (b) much too smart to buy into the "Truther" nonsense.

So, your entire premise is IGNORANT CRAP. And Joy-Ann, please, don't feed the beast by falsely linking Truthers to the Democratic Party, and then cogently explaining why they're not Democrats. I know you must indulge Chris, like the "one and only" MSNBC crank, but try to keep it real. Nice takedown of Michael Steele, by the way. You keep send him scurrying back into his GOP hole. See Chris, this is what happens when you get your brains scrambled by watching too much Bill O'Reilly.

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