Sunday, October 07, 2012

Memo To Chris Matthews II: Take Your "Respect" Ad And Put It Where The Sun Don't Shine

LATELY CHRIS MATTHEWS (MSNBC, THEY'RE INTERCHANGEABLE) HAS BEEN RUNNING A GROTESQUELY IRONIC 'LEAN BACKWARD' AD PIOUSLY ENTREATING US to "respect" the candidates. My response: GO JUMP IN THE LAKE OF IDIOTS, CHRIS. This imbecilic commercial for MSNBC is somehow intended to gloss over the corporation's REFUSAL to seriously address:

(a) Mitt Romney's multiple RACIST (or if you prefer 'dog whistle') statements; (b) his pathological lying as an alarming mental health impediment to his psychological stability to make life and death, war and peace decisions; INCLUDING (c) his wife's expressed concern over Mitt's "mental health", which I'm convinced (we're not stupid, assholes) the Romney campaign warned the network not to go there; INCLUDING his (d) strange, cultish religion (thank you, Melissa, for reinforcing how very WEIRD these people are) although the Reverend Wright was fair game; and (e) the STUNNING DISRESPECT shown to the President of the United States by Romney's MOST SENIOR ADVISER, former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, Cuban-born of Lebanese parents (speaking of exotic, un-American backgrounds) who had the AUDACITY to call the President of the United States "lazy" and "stupid" (the GROSSEST imaginable RACISM) and, ironically, "un-American." (Apparently, Rachel thinks that showing us a close-up slo-mo reaction of BELTWAY QUEEN Andrea Mitchell's facial tick somehow gets Andrea off the hook for coddling these SCUM.)

ONE MORE THING, CHRIS: Your STUPID, ignorant attempts to romanticize our horrible, painful history with Native Americans is offensive, disrespectful, and insensitive. Our mutual history with Native Americans can be summed up in one word: genocide. Rather than retrograde talk about "cowboys and indians" and "the cavalry", why don't you read up on "The Trail of Tears." FYI, Chris, it wasn't Cochise, but Sitting Bull who massacred Custer at Little Big Horn. Somehow, I have never felt the slightest sympathy for "Yellow Hair" but quietly cheered Sitting Bull. It was just a little bit of payback, but not nearly enough.

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