Friday, September 21, 2012

Elizabeth Warren, Part Deux

I DON'T KNOW WHAT KIND OF "MESSAGE" THE DEMOCRATIC consultant class was trying to convey to Elizabeth Warren during the DNC, but when she left giving these shadowy strategists a thumbs-up and "message received" the resulting reboot unveiled in her first debate with Scott Brown, from where I'm sitting, was less than stellar. See, when these shadowy DNC Einsteins say Warren was coming across as "preachy" I'm reminded of alleged "wise" old Dems with unsolicited foolish and sexist advice. My point is, what cred do these anonymous backbiters have, calling Warren "preachy"?

Think about it. Who speaks like this about strong, assertive women? Ans: Old, white, flaccid males of a certain age, whose better days are behind them. Just a wild guess. But Warren's general passivity in the debate seemed out of character. I wonder what Karen Finney, who knows the type, prolly been harassed by them, thinks of this. Bottom line: Without closely scrutinizing Warren's campaign, my sense is she got bad advice from a bunch of over-the-hill self-important white guys. She should go back to being herself, and let the voters decide who's being "preachy." And Steph, I wish it were so, but no, she didn't kick Brown's ass last night.

What the hell do I know, anyway.

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