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Duchess St. Rollins' Daily Affirmation: A Letter To Mitt Romney

THERE'S A LATINO SAYING ABOUT PEOPLE OF MITT ROMNEY'S PECULIAR, AND TRULY FRIGHTENING CHARACTER FLAWS: "NO TIENE VERGUENZA EN LA CARA!" This literally means, "He has NO SHAME ON HIS FACE!" The examples of Mitt Romney's bald-faced LIES are legion. And they raise some very disturbing questions. The first one is, "Who is this dude; what does he stand for, what does he believe in?!" The answer we've discovered is, NOTHING, except his family and religion. Which raises even more disturbing questions that just won't go away: The uneasy sense that this individual may believe he is divinely inspired, and anointed by God to be President.

From Romney's perspective, his entire life could be seen as divinely inspired; everything he touched turned to gold and riches for him; his mother told him as a child he was the "special" one; and there's a sense of divine inspiration, a secretive "specialness" in his religion, which includes the so-called "White Horse Prophecy" that the Constitution will one day "hang like a thread" and will be saved "by the efforts of the White Horse." Publicly, Mormons distance themselves from it ... but what would you expect them to say? This is much more dangerous and specific that their nonsense about Native Americans being a "lost tribe" of Israel, and all those planets they're supposed to be awarded to commune with God on his special planet named Kolob. This would explain the drift of his campaign; the statement that there will never be a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue, a stunning departure from established U.S. foreign policy through successive Republican and Democratic administrations; and Ann Romney trying to silence, or censor, critics from their own party by saying:
"STOP IT! This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring." She explained: "This is hard and, you know, it's an important thing that we're doing right now and it's an important election and it is time for all Americans to realize how significant this election is and how lucky we are to have someone with Mitt's qualifications and experience and know-how to be able to have the opportunity to run this country."
Aww ... Paging Jesus Christ, or the next BEST thing, Mitt Romney?! Really??? This lady is some kind of delusional. And it's just not about playing the traditional wifey role, standin' by her man. This is the bottom line folks: We know next to nothing about Mitt Romney, what motivates him, and why he has been running for president longer than most modern candidates, except Ron Paul. The Paul crusade has been much more open about its libertarian principles. I may not agree, but I can understand deeply-held policy beliefs. Romney, by contrast, is a REALLY weird cat, disconnected from reality and, by his own admission, half of America (the REAL figure is 99%), who says strange, inappropriate things which his staff then shrugs off as "humor." The other night Rachel quoted another weird evasive Romney reply to a reporter's question, which made no sense whatsoever. Unless viewed through a divine inspiration lens.

The bottom line, folks, is the more we know about Mitt Romney, the more uneasy we become. Does Mitt Romney believe he is the "White Horse" of Mormon prophecy anointed by God to save America? It's time the media ask more probing questions in this vein, and stop regarding religious beliefs as out of bounds. Thomas Jefferson warned of the dangers of a theocracy. If anything, with the rise of religious fundamentalism worldwide, including among Christian sects, the danger is more elevated today. Personally, I believe the man is a delusional sociopath, who lacks the essential quality that makes us human and spiritually whole, which is empathy. In a word, Mitt Romney is — dangerous.

Here's the inimitable Duchess St. Rollins, with more:

After seeing the video that began floating around the Internet yesterday of Mitt Romney at the private fundraiser being an uncensored ass cannon, all I can say is WOW! Okay, I’m lying, that’s not all I can say. I think a brand new letter is in order.

Dear Mitt Romney,

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for finally letting us see the real you!

“I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”Mitt Romney on 47% of Americans at a private fundraiser in 2012

Let me begin by saying what many belonging to the 47% of us to which you were referring would like to express:

GO FUCK YOURSELF you snide, narcissistic, self-important PRICK!

You have no fucking CLUE how hard life can really be, but let me enlighten you with a list of things you’ve never had to experience–things that many of us who work our asses off for the peanuts sociopaths like you so generously offer have had to go through. You just sit there like an idiot and nod–you’re good at that.

• The crushing despair of sobbing uncontrollably because you were served with an eviction notice after your husband was laid off and you honestly don’t know if you and your children will be homeless at the end of the week

• The sheer desperation of getting down on your knees and begging God to please let the power company forget about your shut-off notice the next day because your son is running a high fever, it’s 100 degrees outside and your boss didn’t pay you for the overtime you worked

• The unrelenting defeat of working for a company for 20 years only to have them outsource your job so that those at the top can earn a few more bucks, leaving you unemployed and middle aged with no idea how to support your family

• The gnawing fear of using the last bit of food in your home to make a bread and mayonnaise sandwich for the third night in a row because you’re blind or otherwise majorly disabled and your Social Security Disability check is late

• The overwhelming rage of coming back from a war only to find out your home is being foreclosed on by a cruel and heartless bank that could give a shit less you are the one risking his or her life so that the greedy bastards can live in a free country

• The all-consuming sadness of being a child living in a home devoid of hope or the resources to help you succeed

• The undeserved shame of being an elderly American who worked hard and paid taxes your entire life, but now has to use Food Stamps because the Social Security benefits you were promised aren’t enough

• The maddening frustration of working 40+ hours a week at a grueling and brain-numbingly repetitious job and still not being able to make ends meet or take care of your family

In the chart above, “Low Income” means your income falls below $26,400 a year for a family of four. You probably have toilets that cost more than that, Mittens. Shouldn’t our real concern as a nation be that so many people don’t make enough fucking money to pay income taxes and not this “the sky is falling” bullshit about how they aren’t contributing? What part of they are too poor to pay them don’t you evil fucks understand?

These are the real people behind the 47% of Americans you seem to think are just too lazy or lack the tenacity to be successful, you fucking arrogant pool of douche dribble. These are genuine, and in many cases, extremely hardworking people who struggle and strive to have just a taste of what you were lucky enough to be born into. I know, I know….you supposedly gave all your inheritance away and so we’re supposed to believe you’re a self-made man. Bull fucking shit, Mittens. Unless you gave away your stable childhood, supportive family, amazing education and your daddy’s Rolodex you did NOT do it all on your own. Like I already told your twat of a wife, if you would exhibit some fucking HUMILITY and admit that, the rest of us might not be quite so revolted by the two of you.

Regardless of what you or the cock weasels who will predictably leave comments claiming otherwise think, we’re not envious of your wealth. We don’t want to deprive you of your trinkets or gigantic piles of cash–although, admittedly many of us wonder how some can justify such luxuries as a car elevator when there are children literally starving to death in the world–we understand that those are your choices to make. No, we’re not jealous, Mr. Romney–just appalled at your nauseating conceit and smug lack of compassion. Maybe losing this election will cut you down to size.


Americans Not Too Stupid to Believe Your Bullshit (aka, the smart people)

P.S. The 47% of which you speak aren’t all Democrats, you stupid pompous fuck.

P.P.S. 91% of people that get “entitlements” are disabled, elderly or WORKING and a measly 5% of the federal budget is spent on the NON-WORKING poor…and fuck you.

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