Thursday, September 27, 2012

C'mon Rachel ... You Can SAY IT!

WHAT'S A DUDE WHO CAN'T TELL FANTASY FROM REALITY, IS A CHRONIC, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, says inappropriate things, is widely considered to lack empathy? ANS: Mentally ill, neurotic for sure. More than likely a sociopathic personality. Okay, so if you are constrained/censored from this vitally informed speculation, or what Chris likes to say "important" psycho-babble, then bring someone onto the segment who is professionally competent to evaluate Mitt Romney's pattern of pathological LIES, like a BOARD-CERTIFIED PSYCHIATRIST!

But Rachel, please, don't give us this BULLSHIT, "what seems to be happening here ... in the moment, he just says what he thinks we want to hear, even if it's not really his position, or he can't remember what his position's supposed to be, or if it's not really what he believes, whatever you heard him say, he didn't really say that" ... C'mon Rachel. Stop beating about the bush, insulting our intelligence. This man is ODIOUS, DESPICABLE, REPULSIVE, MENTALLY ILL. And Rachel, it's NOT funny. Somebody in Media ought to seriously address the man's MENTAL STABILITY AND CAPACITY TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:


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