Friday, September 28, 2012

The New SNL Obama Sucks BIG-TIME

IT'S UNBELIEVABLE, AFTER ALL THIS ACCUMULATED EXPERIENCE, LORNE MICHAELS can't make a decent casting decision. (Well, maybe not. The dude doesn't impress as a creative genius, so perhaps he's the figurehead who makes all the bad calls, because he can.) It's terrible; in the comedy stand-up skit, he does some unrecognizable 'gangsta' Obama; and in the SNL skit, please, where's the winning smile, the gestures are wrong, and the President doesn't walk around with an in-your-face scowl, pursing his lips. It's a crude, stupid, politically unsophisticated impression, unworthy of SNL. Bring back Fred Armisen, or hire this guy: (P.S., 'white guy' Bill Press ... WTF's wrong with you?)

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