Thursday, September 20, 2012

Memo To Rachel: You And Elizabeth Warren Need To Talk

RACHEL, I DON'T KNOW IF YOU HAD A CHANCE TO WATCH THE BROWN-WARREN debate, but Professor Warren's seeming passivity and lack of specificity was somewhat frustrating. She held her own against Brown, but NOT ONCE did she mention the fact you've been pounding for MONTHS on your show, that Brown is Wall Street's favorite Senator of ALL! Meanwhile he was thumping his chest repeatedly with some nonsense about being the Senate's "second most bipartisan" (who's the first?) senator. That would have been a perfect opportunity for Warren to come back with: "That may be true, but you're the Senate's FIRST MOST POPULAR RECIPIENT OF WALL STREET LARGESSE!" (And then she could have pivoted to make the larger point about what's wrong with Washington, where the little guy doesn't get a break because so many senators are bought and paid for by special interests and lobbyists. It was a missed opportunity.)

Why didn't she do it? Also, he said given the chance he'd have voted for the Lilly Ledbetter equal pay bill, and she said he voted AGAINST equal pay for women, but didn't specify what it was he voted against, which left me wondering. She could have done more knocking his voting record; as well as how many times he voted with the Republican minority to uphold filibusters. Etc. It was an OK performance, but I was disappointed. I hope you convey some of these constructive critiques to Elizabeth. Scottie Brown is a buffoon, and by rights she should have creamed him. Instead, she let him escape with a whole lotta shit.

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