Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Is SURGING!

AS MASSACHUSETTS 'PROLES' ARE GETTING RESTIVE. I THINK THERE ARE TWO THINGS AT WORK HERE: 'BEAM ME UP' SCOTTIE BROWN, the bow-legged man — imagine watching Scottie and 'Magic Underwear' Mitt walking side-by-side: What a weird, bizarro HOWLER! — who consorts with KINGS, QUEENS, AND PRIME MINISTERS was (1) whacked by a SPECTACULAR Warren speech at the AWESOME DNC CONVENTION:

And (2) The voters of Massachusetts, or 'PROLES', i.e., "those people" as they're know at Romney DISASTER HEADQUARTERS in Boston, are FED UP of being UNDER OCCUPATION by the MOST REPUGNANT REPUBLICAN campaign since Pat Buchanan howled "LOCK AND LOAD" and vowed to wage a "CULTURE WAR" that would take back America "street by street." We hear echoes of this in the Romney campaign when he yelps in his high-pitched chihuahua stump voice, "I want my country back!"

Elizabeth Warren is the genuine article, who is SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER. And this year, the voters are hankering to blow away the smoke, and shatter the mirrors, and elect AWESOME candidates like Elizabeth Warren.

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