Thursday, September 20, 2012


ADDRESSING A LATINO AUDIENCE WITH HIS USUAL DISDAIN AND CONDESCENSION, Mitt Romney painted himself Boehner Burnt Orange, but had a major makeup malfunction when he failed to apply the Republican war paint evenly (see photo below). It was piss-poor white Mormonic stereotyping of the ethnically and culturally diverse Latino community, which assumed all Latinos come in one skin tone and body size. Consider the typical Mitt-like Latino politician to the left of Romney (below), with the splotchy white skin, liver spots, and several pre-cancerous lesions.

In a WEIRDLY supernatural SATANIC PROPHECY, Mitt Romney's Luciferean visage appears on the album cover of a band called THE ORANGE MAN THEORY with the song entitled, "SATAN TOLD ME I'M RIGHT." (Cue the chilling "OMEN" soundtrack. Gotta admit, this is kinda creepy.)

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