Wednesday, August 08, 2012


READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE. OH CHRIS (MATTHEWS), ABOUT THIS CHART: NOTICE how high on the NEGATIVE OBAMA coverage your SUSAN "gives it to us straight" PAGE friend, USA Today's Washington Bureau Chief, stands. How about those "liberal" standards, The New York Times and WaPo? Your hometown Philadelphia Inquirer? And the Media frauds and shysters still wonder why we hold them in such contempt?! I know I know, they make us stupid and gullible, until someone comes along (to mix my metaphors) and rips the scab off their corporate political games to reveal the men and women behind the curtain. And those other charts would be more benign, were the "positive" (trans: reposting Romney LIES and press releases) coverage not so skewed in Romney's favor. (Not to mention critical coverage of House and Senate candidates, given the Democratic Party's SCOTUS-Citizens United secret billionaire/corporate funding disadvantage.)

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