Friday, August 10, 2012


FOLKS, THIS IS ONLY ONE OF MANY REASONS THE DAILY CALLER IS OUR FAVORITE WINGNUT RAG! The Foster Friess-Tucker Carlson frat house is so COLLECTIVELY and INDIVIDUALLY STOOPID they don't even realize what a positive endorsement of the President's policies and re-election Maryland's impressive and awesome First Lady just gave us in a ready-made FREE campaign commercial, courtesy of the Daily Caller. Thank you very much.

See, the DC's MO is well-known by now. They will attend events, pressers, conferences, etc. held or attended by Democrats and progressives, and try to trip somebody up in a 'WINGNUT-AMYGDALA OMG-CUE THE 'TA-DA' SOUND!' moment with a sound bite they can isolate for one more out-of-context Romney LIE. In this instance, the breathless DC headline is, Md. first lady, "I don't know why anybody needs an AK-47." (YAWN.)

I hate to keep repeating myself with these DUMBASSES, really exceptionally STUPID people, but their point is ... exactly WHAT? The President is already on record that we should restore the assault weapons ban, which is something most reasonable Americans, including many NRA members, agree with. Meanwhile, watch as Maryland's First Lady takes batting practice off the POOR SAP DC Reporter (someone's got to employ these people) hitting one out-of-the-park homer after another:

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