Tuesday, August 07, 2012


AND HE'S DIGGIN' VOLLEYBALL! Eddie doesn't know the first thing about it, but like any open-minded sports fan he appreciates the skill, "dexterity" (we call it finesse), power and defense, watching a two-man Brazil team beat Poland in beach volleyball. I know why Eddie liked it; the big guy for Brazil, Alison, is a scrappy bearded redhead power hitter. If there were an All-Madden beach volleyball team, Alison would definitely be on it! They're in the gold medal final.

Alison, BIG EDDIE Lookalike (sort of, maybe 30 years ago) Doing His Thing.
The American women's teams (1 and 3) will play for the gold, as favored Brazil came up short and was relegated to playing for bronze. But on the hard court, it was ALL Cardiac Girls: Defending Olympic champions Brazil beat back SIX (count 'em, SIX) match points from a tough, sneaky-dangerous Russian team, before finally putting them away in a THRILLING five-setter. It turned into a battle of wills, and should never have been this close.

The Ladies Done Good When It Counted, Though! 
 The men's football final is a Latin classic: Brazil v. Mexico. All in all, it was a good day for Brazil, with every volleyball and football team in action advancing to medal contention.

Gunslinger: Leandro DamiĆ£o Notches 2 More Goals To His 
Tournament-Leading 6 As Brazil Cruises Past S. Korea, 3-0.
Finally, a personal note of solidarity to a GOOD GUY: we're keeping Ed and his wife, Wendy, in our thoughts as she battles cancer. Hang in there, Big Eddie. For what it's worth, we're totally confident Wendy will beat this disease.

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